January 2019 Reading Recap

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This is my January 2019 Reading Recap, a chance for me to share what I’ve been reading and highlight one or more titles that made the Best of My Reading List.

I don’t think I read 15 books in all of 2018, so I’m already off to a great start. Years ago, I started writing a novel, and this year, I’m going to finish one. Back then, it was a Middle Grade novel, aimed at readers from 8-12. Now, however, I’m planning on writing a book for Young Adults, readers from 13-18 (ish). So most of my reading will be in that genre.

Jan 2019 Statistics

Books Read: 15
Fiction: 12
Nonfiction: 3

Jan 2019 Best of My Reading List

Girl in the Blue Coat - DopeyRunr Website of Chris Smith January 2019 Reading Recap

Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse
Very well written, great tension and suspense throughout. Each character, and the time and place felt very real. I thought Hanneke’s inner journey of self-discovery and outer journey of uncovering the reality of the atrocities around her were very believable. The twists were great.

Sadie - DopeyRunr Website of Chris Smith January 2019 Reading Recap

Sadie by Courtney Summers
It was very well written with an interesting structure, weaving the narrative with the script from a Serial-style podcast. Sadie is resilient and the structure of the novel keeps the tension high as the reader watches the two timelines start to intersect.

The Cruelty - DopeyRunr Website of Chris Smith January 2019 Reading Recap

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom
This was a real page-turner – the suspense built early and kept moving. Imagine if the protagonist of Taken were a teenage young woman. It’s fun to watch Gwendolyn develop skills and formulate a strategy to locate and rescue her father. establish a relationship with the villain, but she doesn’t express much anxiousness at the time she’s wasting that could be spent on finding her father.

This Story is a Lie - DopeyRunr Website of Chris Smith

This Story is a Lie by Tom Pollock

I really enjoyed this page turner. I connected with Peter and although I don’t have personal experience with mental health or anxiety I found the portrayals in the book to be respectful and the read very realistic. There was great tension throughout, even in seemingly minor interactions. The author did a great job, where backstory or exposition was required to explain something, of having that happen in scenes with heightened tension – impossible to skim or skip. A few really good twists including one at the end that I never would have expected.


What books did you read in January? Have you made a resolution to read more in 2019? What’s on your reading pile? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet at me @DopeyRunr.

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