Review: Black Spire

Review Black Spire

I really enjoyed Delilah S. Dawson’s Phasma, and I was excited to hear that that General Leia Organa’s top spy, Vi Moradi, was going to appear in a sequel. Black Spire is also based upon the new Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

From the publisher:

After devastating losses at the hands of the First Order, General Leia Organa has dispatched her agents across the galaxy in search of allies, sanctuary, and firepower—and her top spy, Vi Moradi, may have just found all three, on a secluded world at the galaxy’s edge.

A planet of lush forests, precarious mountains, and towering, petrified trees, Batuu is on the furthest possible frontier of the galactic map, the last settled world before the mysterious expanse of Wild Space. The rogues, smugglers, and adventurers who eke out a living on the largest settlement on the planet, Black Spire Outpost, are here to avoid prying eyes and unnecessary complications. Vi, a Resistance spy on the run from the First Order, is hardly a welcome guest. And when a shuttle full of stormtroopers lands in her wake, determined to root her out, she has no idea where to find help.

To survive, Vi will have to seek out the good-hearted heroes hiding in a world that redefines scum and villainy. With the help of a traitorous trooper and her acerbic droid, she begins to gather a colorful band of outcasts and misfits, and embarks on a mission to spark the fire of resistance on Batuu—before the First Order snuffs it out entirely.

Black Spire was a lot of fun. It was great to see Vi Moradi and Captain Cardinal again after they were featured in Phasma.

Being somewhat familiar with the layout of Black Spire Outpost at Disney Parks, and ahead of a February trip to Disneyland, it was interesting to read some of the history of the various shops and restaurants we’ll be seeing there.

Reading Phasma isn’t required to enjoy this, but it will deepen the experience. The story is self-contained but provides a bit of an opening for additional stories set on Batuu with Vi Moradi and her Resistance outpost.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, and especially if you have plans to visit Galaxy’s Edge in one of the theme parks, I highly recommend Black Spire.

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