Review: Phasma

Review Phasma

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan forever, but I’ve never really gotten into Star Wars novels. That changed when Delilah S. Dawson wrote Phasma, an origin story about the enigmatic First Order soldier from the new trilogy.

From the publisher:

One of the most cunning and merciless officers of the First Order, Captain Phasma commands the favor of her superiors, the respect of her peers, and the terror of her enemies. But for all her renown, Phasma remains as virtually unknown as the impassive expression on her gleaming chrome helmet. Now, an adversary is bent on unearthing her mysterious origins—and exposing a secret she guards as zealously and ruthlessly as she serves her masters.

Deep inside the Battlecruiser Absolution, a captured Resistance spy endures brutal interrogation at the hands of a crimson-armored stormtrooper—Cardinal. But the information he desires has nothing to do with the Resistance or its covert operations against the First Order.

What the mysterious stormtrooper wants is Phasma’s past—and with it whatever long-buried scandal, treachery, or private demons he can wield against the hated rival who threatens his own power and privilege in the ranks of the First Order. His prisoner has what Cardinal so desperately seeks, but she won’t surrender it easily. As she wages a painstaking war of wills with her captor, bargaining for her life in exchange for every precious revelation, the spellbinding chronicle of the inscrutable Phasma unfolds. But this knowledge may prove more than just dangerous once Cardinal possesses it—and once his adversary unleashes the full measure of her fury.

I really enjoyed this origin story for Captain Phasma, and the introduction to General Organa’s top spy, Vi Moradi. I had read other reviews describing the novel as a bit like “Mad Max,” and there is certainly a post-apocalyptic feel to much of Phasma’s pre-First Order existence.

It answers most if not all of the questions Star Wars fans might have about where Phasma (and her chrome armor) came from, and what motivates her actions. The action is constant with great world-building.

I also love the new characters created for Phasma: Vi Moradi and Captain Cardinal. I know that Vi (code name: Starling) will be featured somehow in the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge theme park lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, and especially if you’re a Captain Phasma fan, you should read Phasma.

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